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Below are some of our most popular massage services in Las Vegas


Our slippery nuru massage is a very special service, what makes it special is the Nuru Gel that is used. This gel is formulated with textured oil and natural herbs designed to enhance the experience. The gel is odor and color free, nourishing for the skin and safe to eat. When the gel is mixed with water it becomes far more slippery than any oil. Your Nuru massage will be smooth and slippery, which is how the word ‘Nuru’ is defined in Japanese.

If you can imagine being massaged from head to toe, front and back with sensual long and languorous strokes in all different directions, this is what a Nuru massage is. You will experience the sensation of a gliding touch all over your body, which will be fun, relaxing and sensual all at once! You can count on a satisfying and surprising experience!

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Nude body to body massage is one of the most sought-after massages for those wanting the ultimate massage experience. A beautiful female masseuse will come to your home or hotel room to relax every inch of your body with hers. All our Body-to-Body masseuses are highly skilled in stimulating all the most sensitive spots on your body, without missing any single spot.

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An erotic tantric massage is a therapeutic technique often used for holistic healing. The sexual energy that is naturally stimulated during this type of massage not only helps to relieve the tension and stress being held in muscles and tendons but also heal emotional traumas as well as certain physical conditions and illnesses.

To enjoy the full benefits of a Tantra Massage you should schedule 90 minutes. This technique involves a highly skilled masseuse working on the most sensitive areas of your body, softly massaging and touching ever so lightly and in the end every ounce of stress and tension that you’ve been holding in your body will have disappeared

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Four hands massage is also know as double pleasure, it is an amazing experience combines numerous techniques to give you the ultimate pleasure from two beautiful and highly experienced masseuses: deep tissue massage, Indian Head massage, reflexology and Swedish massage. This is done with essential aromatherapy oils and specially selected moisturizing creams. It will both offer you the ultimate in relaxation but feeling renewed and rejuvenated at the same time. The entire experience will help heal injuries, calm the nerves and help align your physical body with your mind and spirit, bringing you into balance.

For more information, please call or text 702-278-5538

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